Every mother wants her daughter to look the most beautiful in the world. This is not surprising … Below I want to show you some ideas for beautiful crocheted dresses. One of them can even serve as a halloween costume. Each of the inspirations has a free crochet pattern so you can start crocheting right away! Good luck! More crochet ideas you can find in Crochet Addict Facebook Group

1. Baby Candy Corn Costume

Baby Candy Corn Costume
Baby Candy Corn Costume by Sarah Lora This pattern is available for free.

2. Falling Fans Dress

Falling Fans Dress
Falling Fans Dress by Dorianna Rivelli. This pattern is available for free.

3. Baby’s Special Tunic

This easy tunic is perfect for the fashionable baby and is comfy to wear as well! Crocheted with Baby Hugs Light, it can be worn over warm layers when it is cold, or as a mini dress on warmer days.

Baby's Special Tunic
Baby’s Special Tunic by Maria Bittner This pattern is available for free.

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