Each interior requires beautiful additions. Imagine the winter and yourself when you warm up with a warm and cozy crochet blanket, which you also did yourself. No more beautiful, right? Below I want to show you some ideas for just such a blanket. You can make blankets in different colors, preferably in the ones that are closest to your heart. For more awesome patterns inspiration follow us on Pinterest or Join Freebie Patterns Facebook Group

1. Fairylights and Diamonds

Fairylights and Diamonds
Fairylights and Diamonds by Crochet and Fairylights

2. Berry Cobbler Ripple Blanket

Berry Cobbler Ripple Blanket
by Marie Segares Published in Underground Crafter

3. OHLALA BABY Blanket

by Ana Morais Soares Published in Ana Morais Soares’ Ravelry Store

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