Divine hats are one of the most interesting crocheted designs … Their biggest advantage is that by changing colors and adding frills, such as flowers or tassels, we can completely change the final look. Below are a few proofs of this. See for yourself and decide which one suits you!

Craft: CrochetSkill level: Easy, Designed by: Sarah Arnold

1. Unforgettably Divine

Unforgettably Divine Crochet Divine Hat
Unforgettably Divine by GreenWomanSee project details!

2. Divine latte hat

Divine latte hat Crochet Divine Hat
Divine latte hat by kboone77. See project details!

3. Totally Far-out Psychedelic Hat

Totally Far-out Psychedelic Hat Crochet Divine Hat
Totally Far-out Psychedelic Hat by Appliejuice. See project details!

Click below link for free pattern …

> Divine Hat Free Pattern <

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